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 20200512-02 Jail/Kitchen Custodial Supplies for SC Jail/MULTIPLE AWARD
 20200513-01 Inmate Clothing for Sumner County Jail/MULTIPLE AWARDS
 20200513-02 Printing Forms Sumner County Sheriff/QUALITY PRINTING
 20200514 Waste Removal for Sumner County/REPUBLIC SERVICES
 20200602-01 Tires for Sumner County Sheriff's Office/TBC
 20200602-02 Vehicle Parts and Supplies for Sheriff's Office/NAPA & BP
 20200603 Uniforms for Sumner County Sheriff's Office/MULTIPLE AWARDS
 20200604 New Ford Police Interceptor Utility AWD/LONNIE COBB FORD
 20200618 Beldsoe Lick's Historical Park Demolition/NO BIDS RECEIVED
 Sumner County Emergency Services Repaving
 Sumner County Admin Complex Parking Lot Add/SCOTTY'S CONTRACTING
 Sumner County Fully Insured Life and AD&D Coverage/KANSAS CITY LIFE
 20200709 Bledsoe Lick's Historical Park Demolition REBID
 20200716 New, Never Titled Vehicles for Sheriff's Office/LONNIE COBB
 20200723 Pest Control Services for Sumner County Buildings/MIDDLE TN TERMINATING
 20200827A-Uniforms for Sumner County EMS/MIDSOUTH SOLUTIONS
 20200827B-Billing Services and eCPR for Sumner County EMS/EMS-MC BILLING SERVICES
 20200917Items to Equip 2021 Ford Interceptor SUV for Sumner County Sheriff
 20200924 In-Car Cameras for Sheriff's Office-TRUCKERS LIGHTHOUSE
 20201008-Addition to Gallatin Firehall #3 - BOGER CONSTRUCTION
 20201008A-Rockland Recreation Area Asphalt Pavement Trail Project
 20201008B-Sumner County Jail Generator Project
 20201022-Medical Grade Oxygen for Sumner County EMS - HOLSTON GASES
 20201029-Sumner Co Sheriff Disinfectant Equipment-FERGUSON ENTERPRISES
 20201106-Comer Barn Improvements/Roof
 20210121-Automated Building Controls for Admin Building and Health Dept-THE COMFORT GROUP
 20210114-Electronic Monitoring and Alcohol Monitoring System-SCRAM
 20210128-Genrator Installation for Sumner Co. IT Dept-AMERICAN COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC
 20210204-Security Camera System for EMS/EMA-KOORSEN FIRE AND SECURITY
 20210211-Custom Classification and Compensation Plan for Sumner County
 20210211-01-Electric Scissor Lift for Sumner Co. Jail- ALL AROUND ACCESS LLC
 20210304-Deadbolt Chase Locks for Sumner Co. Jail-NO BIDS RECEIVED
 20210225-Fire Inspection Maintenance/ Monitoring Agreement for Sumner Co.-ACT SECURITY INC
 20210318-Cabling for Sumner Co Health Depts-CLEARLINE NETWORKS LLC
 20210318-01-Plumbing Parts for Sumner Co. Jail-SECURE DETENTION PRODUCTS
 20210401-Camera System for Administration Building and Archives-KOORSEN
 20210415-Camera System for Douglas Clark House-KOORSEN
 20210421-2 Bay Extension on Garage for Sumner Co. Sheriff's Office-NO BIDS RECEIVED
 20210513-Scissor Lift for Sumner Co Jail-SOUTHFORK LIFT TRUCK
 20210513-01-Caulking-for-Sumner-Co-Jail-Bid-Minutes - NASHVILLE HIGH RISE WINDOW CLEANING CO.
 20210513-02-Kitchen Equipment for Sumner Co Jail-CVK ENTERPRISES DBA FEDERAL SUPPLY USA
 20210611-Fence and Gate for Sumner Co. Jail-ALL STATE FENCE
 20210624-Kitchen Equipment and Maintenance Agreement for Sumner Co. Jail-NO BIDS RECEIVED
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